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    Business Process Management


    Team Collaboration


    Project Management


    Knoweledge Management


  • IT Consulting

    IT Management


    IT audit


    IT strategy, concepts and road maps development


    IT Assets Management (ITAM)


    IT Services management (ITSM)

  • Management improving

    Business Process Optimization


    Sales & Marketing






    Project Management



Who we are 

Our team is the synergy of business people, expert consultants and IT professionals.
We love what we do and will gladly undertake to help others.
Experience and knowledge in different business sectors, public administration, social services, education, health care allow us to skillfully identify problems and find effective solutions.

What we do

Advise on business issues, implement and improve business processes
Advise on the use and management of IT 
Implement the world's best IT solutions 
Develop and customize software

Why Adekva

Able to quickly get to the heart of the problem and the context and properly formulate goals and project metrics
Tried to complement the vision of the project based on their experience, where necessary 
Help to avoid common projects mistakes using our experience in risk management 
Provide a fully documented solutions alienated from the developer 
Optimize the cost of the acquisition and use of IT, choosing the right elements making

Our Customers And Partners

  • АТО

    Администрация Томской области

  • ТТГ

    Газпром трансгаз Томск

  • Систематика

    Группа компаний "Систематика"

  • Прогноз

    ЗАО "Прогноз"

  • Дума ТО

    Законодательная Дума Томской области


    Департамент здравоохранения Томской области

  • NQA russia

    NQA russia

  • ИТ кластер

    Центр кластерного развития Томской области

  • Софит